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About UMATSwap

UMATSwap is the first ever created NFT community token, with it’s own NFT Marketplace and also minting its NFTs.

NFT Auction

Users will be able to use UMATSwap Marketplace to trade their NFTs.

NFT Minting

UMATSwap will mint it’s own unique NFTs which will only be 50 different unique NFTs. Community will decide minting process and distribution through voting by top 100 holders of UMATOKEN.


UMATOKEN will be burnt on a milestone bases as stated in the tokenomics.

Liquidity Burn

UMATOKEN will in every two weeks burn 20% of tokens in liquidity as our goal is to have just 1 trillion ( total supply.

Token Name
Total Supply
Private Sale
Team Allocation
Liquidity Locked every 2 weeks.
Token Burn
10% when hit 500 holders.
20% when hit 1500 holders.
20% when hit 5000 holders.
Remaining Tokens
Will be use for subsequent partnership, promotions etc.
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